Ultrasonic Diffuser – ELEGANSIA V2 – Zen Arôme


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Elegansia ultrasonic diffuser perfectly combines diffusion efficiency and ease of use. This process does not alter the virtues of essential oils and is ideal for aromatherapy.

  • Ultrasonic system for diffusion, vaporization and purification
  • Perfect combination of glass and bamboo
  • Excellent diffusion due to the integrated ventilation system
  • Good diffusion durability with automatic stop when the tank is emptied
  • LED lighting with gradient color change
  • For surfaces up to 60 m²

ELEGANSIA V2 Ultrasonic Diffuser – Zen Arôme

This new diffuser is designed with quality materials such as glass for the top and bamboo for the base. The combination of the two provides a magnificent speaker.

The base incorporates an ultrasonic system that ensures optimal cold diffusion of essential oils in order to preserve all their virtues. It also emits negative ions and regulates the humidity level for better breathing comfort.

The glassware equipped with LED lighting gives off a beautiful spray of fragrant mist. Access to the tank is easy and operation simplified to the maximum.

This process allows for subtle, rapid, immediate diffusion without loss of the natural properties of essential oils. This allows you to benefit from 100% aromatherapy in pieces up to 60 m2.



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