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Bonus Cashback

What is Cashback

The term cashback, literally translated, means “return of money.” In practice, this term refers to the amount of money that is given back to the buyer following a purchase (usually a percentage of the receipt amount). This amount can be used by the customer as credit for subsequent purchases at the same merchant or at other merchants participating in the same cashback program.

Now that we understand what cashback is, we can ask ourselves whether it actually pays to have the Cashback Bonus offered by Organic Milano.

About Cashback Bonus Organic Milan

Organic Milano’s Cashback Bonus is an innovative and functional loyalty method that provides for a 5% Refund on the value of each purchase made: for each purchase made, an amount calculated as a percentage of the amount spent will be charged to one’s personal account (account). The credit will be immediately available in one’s account and can be used, in whole or in part, upon reaching 25 Euros of credit, to make purchases on as if it were money. At we strive to offer the best benefits and highest rewards when shopping online. When you register (free of charge), as a member of you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Cashback Bonus return on online purchases of 5 %;
  • Special offers on hundreds of products through exclusive discount codes and promotions;

How does Cashback Bonus Organic Milano work?

Organic Milano members receive Bonus Cashback on their online purchases made on hundreds of more or less famous but definitely top quality (verified by us) NATURAL AND ORGANIC PRODUCTS AND REMEDIES. Just log in or register for free and shop online at to benefit! An important note on how Organic Milano’s Cashback Bonus works is that it allows those who buy the promoted products to receive the Cashback percentage as well and can be equally associated with all the offers made available and are cumulative with the Cashback itself, so:

  • You will receive Cashback Bonus for purchases made directly on
  • Cashback Bonus is calculated on the purchase price, excluding VAT and other costs, such as transportation, booking fees and administration.
  • Casback Bonus Reimbursement. In the case of returning an item or the entire order, the Cashback Bonus spent is returned.