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Our Story

Dear Friends, Dear Customers

As you may have had the opportunity to read and see from our posts and / or various communications, for some time now we are updating the name of our “commercial” sign AmaTè Milano, the change consists ONLY in replacing the word AmaTè with the one closer to our corporate mission on natural ecobio certified cosmetics Organic, as it allows us to approach more easily to an international audience, and more attentive to the ecological values of quality ingredients and respect for nature, in fact, the word Organic in English, corresponds in Italian to “Biologico”, used mainly to indicate natural organic cosmetics.

In this sense, all this will help us to communicate an unequivocal message and contribute to the collective awareness journey on the use and choice of the fairest and most sustainable cosmetics that has always engaged us. So, in the future when you see or hear Organic Milano Cosmetics and/or Cosmetics and Natural Remedies you will know that it is always us..

Thank you for your attention from AmaTè Milano ops Organic Milano Cosmetics

What we do

BIOPROFUMERIA Organic Milano Cosmetics and Natural Remedies by Natural Soul Srls based in Milan, via Buonarroti 9 -20149, was born from the passion of people for phytocosmetics, natural essences, natural and alternative medicine.

We are people who believe in the green revolution! The renunciation of the triad petrochemicals, silicones and preservatives in favor of formulas that are as active and natural as possible and that guarantee a synergistic action with biological processes, thus breaking a vicious circle made of ingredients that, in disguise, alter or aggravate the processes of aging, oxidation, sensitization and skin allergy.

During our travels and discoveries, our interest was and is focused on Truly Natural and Organic cosmetics, essential oils, aromatherapy which led to the creation of the e-commerce site in order to share and experience this passion. The challenge is open!

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We strictly follow the dictates of the Italian League for the Fight Against Cancer – LILT, ensuring that the products we market do not contain particularly harmful and carcinogenic substances and/or ingredients such as: Ethyl alcohol, BHT -/BHA, Synthetic dyes, EDTA, Glycols and PEGs, Mineral oils, Oxybenzone, Parabens, Synthetic polymers, Silicones, Sulfates, TEA – DEA , Triclosan, etc.

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