Red Henna #3 – Phitofilos


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Red Henna No. 3 Phitofilos is a pure Lawsonia Inermis powder with medium to strong bright coloring power with excellent coverage on whites.

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TheHenna Red No. 3 Phitofilos is a pure powder of Lawsonia Inermis characterized by an excellent pulverization of only the leaf, with no addition of the ‘shrub of the plant. The coloring power of this henna is medium to strong on with excellent coverage on whites. Its classic use is on brown and dark-brown backgrounds to achieve gorgeous deep copper tones (40-90 minutes’ application time). Phitofilos henna can also be used on dark hair, to which it will give an eggplant color, or on light hair, for a bright orange/cognac-colored effect (10-60 minutes’ application time).

How to use

It is used by diluting the powder (depending on the length of the hair) with hot water until a not-too-dense batter is obtained-a semolina of the consistency such that it does not run. About 220-380 ml* of water is usually needed for 100 g of powder. Apply to slightly damp hair. Protect hands with gloves and hairline with a coat of oil or cream.

Once the batter is spread all over the hair, cover the head with food wrap or foil and leave on for between 40 and 120 minutes, depending on the desired result and the starting base. After the allotted time, rinse thoroughly. First with warm water and then possibly make a light shampooing pass until the water is no longer colored residue. Proceed with normal drying. For maximum results or to speed up the application time, it is possible to resort to using a hair dryer helmet or, alternatively, cool the head with a hair dryer from time to time.

*The amount of water should always be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and changes according to outdoor temperature, product batch, and time between preparation and application.


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